QuickBooks Error 1904 Failed to Register While Installation

Know how to fix QuickBooks error 1904 “Module Failed To Register”. Occur after upgrading the Operating System & Computer was not reset after the upgrade.

QuickBooks Error code 1904: When user get an error code message prompt [extension/name/file path] " C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2018\ICWrapper.dll" Module declined to register is most generally prompted by an inappropriate document background or disrupted document.
If the numerous errors are exhibited and notify the errors, during the system, is possibly prompted due to a corrupted data of Microsoft framework.

This problem mostly occurs while you are opening QuickBooks version for Desktop after escalating your running OS (like from MS Windows Vista to Microsoft Windows 10 version) and your PC was not updated after the latest edition.

How to Fix Error Code 1904: Failed to Register

Some of the specific cases require many requirements. Suppose that QuickBooks admin has one of the specific instances here, which start the QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic tool. If get any QuickBooks installation error on Windows, talk to us.

The Process To Fix QuickBooks Error Message 1904
  • Tap Neglect the error code and make the connection finished. Not require opening QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Start your PC
  • Download and start the QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool, during the connection did not consummate.
  • Open your computer.
  • Initiate the Built-in Administrator and fix QuickBooks supporting the built-in administrator record, during the installation tool did not fix the problem.
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Few Specific Examples Are:

While you have An Anti Virus-Like Avast:
During you are opening QuickBooks on a PC or Laptop with Avast, admin ought to add C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit if you're working on a 64-bit machine) to the Avast suspension record. Switching off or deactivate Avast will not resolve this error.

If the errors occur when opening Adobe Flash Player then:-

One Of The Proven Method To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1904:
(Module failed to register)
NOTE: Do you have the Update Adobe Flash Installed on Your System?
Step 1: Make sure you have the updated Windows version installed.
Step 2: After this install the latest Adobe Flash
During the error code use QBversionTool.dll

Method#1: Apply your QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool

  • Start QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool.
  • Re-commence the PC and re-connect QuickBooks.

Method#2: Verify your recognition and apply stored (built-in) Administrator record

Make a notepad QuickBooks document and keep it to the list to verify adjustments
  • Click Windows + R to initiate the Start window, on your keyboard.
  • Record in Notepad tap OK.
  • Record in QBTEST on the notepad.
  • To the QB document menu, keep Save As.
  • Save the QuickBooks document to the installation list.
During the user restricted with support to this company file, the admin will get a pop-up code while keeping the notepad QB document. Employ as the local administrator and attempt to opening QuickBooks. If admin previously logged in as the administrator, confirm as the Built-In Administrator.

In case you get Installation EXEAdapter Error in QuickBooks, speak to us.

The process to Initiate (MaskedAdmin) Built-in Administrator 

Action 1: Initiate the Built-in Administrator
  • Push the Windows opener, on your keyboard.
  • Write in Command Prompt and keep Open as Admin.
  • Next the command prompt window, record in net user administrator /active: yes and initiate Enter key.
  • Smart advice: If you get a failure message, write in net user administrator /active alternately. 
You may require doing Added directions on Safe mode.

Action 2: Change to the Built-in Administrator Account
  • Push Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click Change User, on your PC keyboard
  • Windows 10 users Enter the Windows key and hit the user icon on the uppermost right of your desktop screen.
  • Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete and keep the default Administrator record.

Action 3: Protect the Built-in Administrator record (as it was before)
  • Hold the Windows key once, on your PC keyboard.
  • Record in Command Prompt. Right-tap CMD/ Command Prompt/ cmd.exe and keep Start as Administrator.
  • Write in net user administrator /active: no and tap Enter, on the CMD window.
Action 4: Change the Security Contexts of the installation list
  • Write to C:\Program Files\Common Files.
  • Right-tap the Standard Data folder and pick Fields.
  • Below the Security tab, tap Edit.
Then Below Group or user names, Select Users.
  • Below Grants for users, select to acknowledge the next support:
  • Modify
  • Read & Execute
  • List Folder Contents
  • Read
  • Write
Enter Apply and OK.

Action 5: Download Intuit's QuickBooks
  • Attempt to open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Subsequent to initiating QuickBooks Desktop, change to your first user sign in.
We suppose this will assist you to fix your QuickBooks issue code 1904. If you are not convinced beside this answer, please ask us our QuickBooks maintenance service. And speak to our Intuit Certified QuickBooks Professionals at above phone number and take immediate guidance.
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QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery: QuickBooks Error 1904 Failed to Register While Installation
QuickBooks Error 1904 Failed to Register While Installation
Know how to fix QuickBooks error 1904 “Module Failed To Register”. Occur after upgrading the Operating System & Computer was not reset after the upgrade.
QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery