Critical Update Needed - 2018 QuickBooks Message

QuickBooks 2018: “Critical Update Needed” Message means that QuickBooks is Asking you to Update to the latest QuickBooks version.

Fix QuickBooks Critical Update 2018
Action Needed: "Its time to update your system"

As Intuit has “released a critical update to your QuickBooks software” and you are needed to update “as soon as possible to assure constant service for all of your QuickBooks features”.

Make Sure you update to keep things like payroll, payments & product re-installation working. If you get any QuickBooks Installation Error - Fix it Quickly as described here.

Your version of QuickBooks won't work with various features post-May 31, 2018.

You are right now using an unsupported account of QuickBooks Desktop. Unsupported accounts of QuickBooks Desktop do not get software updates.

The Critical fix feature is novel and is intended to enable Intuit to push out a small but significant patch fast and efficiently without having to wait or go through the method of generating a complete Maintenance Release if they find something particular that wants to be repaired ASAP.


Question: This message caused some concern with few clients. “Critical update” seems really bad! Is my data secured?

Answer: Your data is completely safe! There isn’t an issue with your data.

The notification you've received means that QuickBooks is asking you to update to the latest version. To properly isolate this issue, let's try manually updating your QuickBooks.

Here's how to perform the following steps:

  • Open QuickBooks, Click Help Menu> Click Update QuickBooks. 
  • In the Overview tab, click Update Now.
  • In the Update Now tab, make assured you have an inspection mark subsequent to Maintenance Releases and Critical Fixes. 
  • Tap Get Updates to commence the download.  
  • When the download has finished, Open QuickBooks to execute the latest installation.
Intuit also requires recommending clients that they should always take to secure their accounts and data. These include:
  • All clients should setup a password for their QuickBooks file, if they don’t have one initially.
  • Clients should select a popper user name and password. Use different letters and numbers in a password, not basic words that can easily be discovered online.
  • Clients should guard all personal data. 
  • Intuit suggests all clients upgrade QuickBooks to the updated version, QuickBooks desktop 2018. Visit here in case you find any upgrade error
  • Intuit suggests all clients use protected ways when transfer QuickBooks files.

Windows directories check-in process:- 

  • 64 bit Windows – C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Intuit\ QuickBooks XXXX\ Critical Fixes
  • 32 bit Windows – C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks XXXX\ Critical Fixes
Note:XXXX = Years

Try Other Method:-

  • If you see DLL files in the Critical Fixes Folder, then it is employed successfully. You should not see the force_apply_ulip.dat file
  • In case you see the force_apply_ulip.dat file, then the critical fixes did not connect successfully. Then you may require imitating the actions to verify that the patch employed successfully.

Who can ignore this message:

Those who do not use payroll or credit card merchant services or online banking connected to QuickBooks.

My Suggestion:-

Based on what I’ve observed, and data furnished by Intuit, my opinion is that if you have any account of QuickBooks desktop 2015 you should fix these updates ASAP as per your comfort.

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QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery: Critical Update Needed - 2018 QuickBooks Message
Critical Update Needed - 2018 QuickBooks Message
QuickBooks 2018: “Critical Update Needed” Message means that QuickBooks is Asking you to Update to the latest QuickBooks version.
QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery