QuickBooks Error H505 [Resolved]

Fix QuickBooks H505 error code. Occur when user trying to access a company file which is not located on their computer or wrong configuration of a file on their computer.

quickbooks error h505
QuickBooks Error H505: The File Is On Another Computer
QuickBooks users often face H501 or H502 or H504 or H505 error when working with company file. Typically, H505 error takes place when you are using company file in the multi-users hosting setup mode. The error can potentially happen due to many reasons. As a result, different troubleshooting measures are taken at different points of time to deal with this error. In the following section, possible reasons and appropriate troubleshooting measures for this technical error with QuickBooks software have been discussed.

Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Error H505

When you come across QuickBooks error code H505, there are various possible reasons. Knowing the reasons is the most important thing for troubleshooting the error. Sometimes user may get error when opening company file. Troubleshooting measures are taken according to the reason for the error.

Incorrect Hosting Configuration: Incorrect settings for hosting configuration for QuickBooks are clear reasons behind this error. The setting may get changed automatically, especially when you update software.
Problems with Firewall Ports: There could also be settings or configuration issues with QuickBooks firewall port. You may find that the .ND file has been damaged.
QuickBooks Can't Access IP address of Your Computer: Error H505 takes place when QuickBooks cannot access IP address of your computer. As a result of this, users would face issues in accessing and handling the company files.
Incorrect DNS Settings: When your computer has incorrect DNS settings, you would face this error with QuickBooks.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error H505

This error can be resolved with various technical measures. The troubleshooting measures are required to be followed accurately otherwise error may be persisting. Another important thing is to judge the reason for the error.

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Troubleshooting measures will vary as per the reasons behind the error H505 with QuickBooks.

Solution 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor

This is a simple tool that helps users to resolve technical errors with QuickBooks. You can get rid of Error H505 with this tool. All you need is to download the software and then install it properly. Once it is installed, you need launch it on your computer. Now, conduct scanning process so that the tool can detect possible errors with QuickBooks. When errors will be detected, solutions shall be recommended by the software. Select the solutions and wait for the issues to be fixed by this tool.

Solution 2: Check Hosting and Services

If you are using QuickBooks in multi user hosting mode, you should inspect “hosting and services” to detect possible reasons behind Error 505 with your QuickBooks software. The process can be done without opening any company file. Here are the steps for you:

Launch QuickBooks and then go to “Files” and thereafter click on “Utilities”.
Now, you have to find the option that says “Stop Multi User Access” on your computer.
When the feature is disabled, you open the company file and work on it. There would not be any problem. If problem continues, you need to look for other troubleshooting measures.

Solution 3: Checking Firewall Settings

If you are using Windows operating system, you need to check Firewall settings to avoid QuickBooks error. If the firewall has been turned on, it should ideally be turned off otherwise QuickBooks would not be able to connect to the network. You need to check firewall settings at the QuickBooks firewall port. Make sure that .ND files are not damaged. If they are damaged, they must be repaired immediately to avoid the technical error.

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The process of checking firewall settings should be conducted with seamlessness. Apart from this, many other troubleshooting measures are there. To learn more and to obtain advanced guidance, you can call the experts at the technical support centre for QuickBooks.


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QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery: QuickBooks Error H505 [Resolved]
QuickBooks Error H505 [Resolved]
Fix QuickBooks H505 error code. Occur when user trying to access a company file which is not located on their computer or wrong configuration of a file on their computer.
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