QuickBooks Login Error - How to Resolve It

Fix your QuickBooks Login errors or any issues & know why this happen? Reach us @ our LIVE CHAT or contact through phone call to get your error fixed.

quickbooks login error
QuickBooks Login Error

One issue that can worry QuickBooks users is that they get a log in error. The screen may show a message that the attempt to log in with a particular username failed and that the user is already logged into the company file. 

QuickBooks login error can happen due to any of the following reasons: 

  • Network problem due to electrical issues
  • The user who logged in with the username remotely did not log out from a previous session
  • A user with the same name has already logged into the company file from a different computer. 
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This situation is not all that difficult to resolve. You can try a couple of approaches.

Approach 1
  • Shut down your computer and switch off modems and routers. Wait five minutes.
  • Next, power up the modem and then the router and then the computer and let it boot.
  • Open your browser. If you use Internet Explorer navigate to tools menu and click on internet options, advanced tab and then to security section where you turn on SSL2.0 and SSL 3.0 and click ok and then sign in to your QuickBooks account. On firefox you go to tools-options-advanced-encryption tab and enable SSL 3.0 and TLS1.0, close firefox, restart and log in to QuickBooks Account. 
Approach 2
  • Start task manager and click on process tab and select all processes that start with QuickBooks, right click and click on end process button. Close task manager.
  • Restart computer. 
  • Open QuickBooks desktop and login to company file.
  • If a server is in the chain then restart the server too. Try to log in to company file.
  • If this is not successful then start QuickBooks on a workstation and try logging in to the company data file and if you cannot log in with the username, use a different username.
  • If you are logging in as administrator then log in to the account and click on the reset button and answer the questions and try automatic password remove and reset of password. 
Approach 3
  • Open the browser and navigate to tools and select options and then the advanced tab.
  • Go to the security section and uncheck “do not save encrypted pages”.
  • Click OK. Close browser and restart. Check This: QuickBooks Run Slow After Installation
  • Try logging in. It should work fine and your efforts are well rewarded and you can proceed with working with QuickBooks. 
If none of these works then it is time to call in expert help from QuickBooks Sign In specialists to troubleshoot the problem and you can pick up the phone right now and give a ring.

QuickBooks is one of the finest accounting software’s and it usually works like a charm but it is also complex and this is the reason that issues arise. Security is vital for accounting so login is necessary and this is one area where you can experience some problems but its nothing to worry about.

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QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery: QuickBooks Login Error - How to Resolve It
QuickBooks Login Error - How to Resolve It
Fix your QuickBooks Login errors or any issues & know why this happen? Reach us @ our LIVE CHAT or contact through phone call to get your error fixed.
QuickBooks Sign In - Login Help & Account Recovery